Saturday, March 7, 2009

Twin Lessons by Karen Holmes

Twin Lessons
by Karen Holmes

my mother lost one and I lost two

souls not ready
to grasp the world
with tiny fingers,
gone now to higher being
or maybe here again to live delightful lives.

I no longer feel the guilt.
no one caused
no one could stop
their too-early journey from the cocoon.

I hope my mother harbors no blame
nor my brother
for being the healthy one
living beyond 11 months.

we have him still
one of four boys
200 strapping pounds of gentleness
he fills our empty places.

there’s my daughter and sisters too
but it’s my mother and I
who share the lesson of our twins,
the blessed lesson
of acceptance.

In the Author's Own Words
My Story: My mother gave birth to twin boys, but one was sickly from birth and died when he was 11 months old. The other twin was healthy from the start and is now 50 years old: my wonderful, loving brother. My twin boys were born pre-maturely when I was 23 weeks pregnant. They both had a heartbeat but never took a breath.

About the Authors
Karen Holmes is an award-winning business writer with 26 years experience in marketing and corporate communications. She has had her own writing and consulting business, Simply Communicated, Inc ( since 2000. Her career in the corporate world included several years as Vice President of Communications at ING's North American headquarters in Atlanta. Now Karen splits her time between Atlanta and Hiawassee, Georgia, focusing on her freelance writing work and her poetry. She also enjoys classical music, Ikebana and contradancing. Karen and her husband have one precious child, who at 22 isn't really a child anymore!

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